Event options

We offer you various ways to enjoy the incomparable taste of our premium tropical smoothies.

Whether it’s a tropical bar, smoothie bike, smoothie buffet, workshop or delivery – with boostie, your event becomes an extraordinary and healthy highlight with a vacation feeling. See for yourself and experience boostie at your event!

Smoothie bar, workshop or delivery?

Tropical Smoothie Bar

Our experienced bartenders prepare your favorite varieties from the boostie range live for you at our tropical smoothie bar.

Smoothie Bike Bar

We serve up to 180 smoothies cooled and silently at your event with our unique boostie Smoothie Bike.

Smoothie Bar Berlin boostie

Smoothie buffet

The extensive boostie buffet for your own smoothie or smoothie bowl creation is a special experience for your event.


Immerse yourself in the world of smoothies with your team and learn how to make smoothies and eat healthily.


From a minimum order value of €200, we deliver our premium products with our resource-saving reusable system within Berlin.

Transform your event into a tropical oasis!

Competent, friendly and passionate

For the perfect bar feeling, a bartender is of course indispensable. Our experienced bartenders not only make delicious smoothies, but also ensure that you and your guests receive the best possible service in German or English.

They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, production or ingredients.

Our smoothies with your branding

On request, you can customize our lids, bottles and cups with your logo or we can also match our smoothies or smoothie bowls to your CI colors, for example, and fill one third of each container with one variety, so that your smoothie with 3 colors is a real eye-catcher! Please contact us for individual special requests or download here our current product catalog for more information.


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