Discover the full variety of natural freshness of our premium products!
Whether fruity smoothies or smoothie bowls, healthy juices and shots or hearty energy balls – our tropical range has something to suit every taste!


Our smoothies are made fresh for you every day from natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and superfoods.

Smoothie bowls

Our smoothie bowls are served in a high-quality coconut bowl and can be decorated with numerous ingredients.

Juices & shots

Our juices and shots
are true immune boosters, as the micronutrients are protected by gentle pressing.

Energy Balls

Our hearty, vegan
Energy Balls are rolled by hand and are a wholesome and nutty snack for in between meals.

Experience the fruity freshness of our premium products!

The power of nature for your company

We often don’t have time in our everyday lives and at work to enjoy a balanced
and a healthy diet. However, a varied and nutritious diet has numerous benefits, such as maintaining health or increasing performance, and can lead to a reduction in employee absenteeism.

With boostie, you not only provide your guests or employees with particularly high-quality minerals and healthy vitamins, but also intensify employee or customer loyalty and your attractiveness as an employer or business partner.

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